Farm Bureau President’s Message

April 22, 2021

On the road again, this time stopping by the Yokayo Winery in Ukiah to have a conversation with Frost Pauli and get a tour of the Pauli family’s facility. After graduating from Ukiah High School, Frost attended California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, receiving his degree in Ag Business with a minor in Viticulture. He had his vision set on returning to Mendocino County to help in running the family’s farm and winery. Every summer and some fall quarters Frost would come home and work for the family business, helping with the harvest and construction of their family winery. While in college, he had an idea that his role in the family business, post-graduation, would center more towards the business side of things, with his brother Hal having a strong influence and knowledge of the farming side. However, with his mother Janet doing 100% of the bookkeeping and compliance, he does handle some office work but has found himself taking on more responsibility on the farming side with his brother.\

Frost now finds himself handling all of the grower relations and inspections with the vineyards that the Pauli’s purchase grapes from. He went on to explain that the inspections mostly take place closer to harvest; monitoring crop size, seeing that leaves are getting pulled ( or thinned) and the grapes themselves, do not have mildew or pest issues.

Over the past three years, the Pauli’s operation has been expanding, with Frost overseeing the development portion of this expansion, most notably with their Ukiah Valley vineyards. With -..1r-a-1• this expansion currently behind them, Frost says that he and his brother Hal have settled into vineyard management roles. Frost is in Ukiah everyday overseeing approximately 500 acres of grapes and 100 acres of pears, with Hal managing approximately 700 acres of grapes in Potter Valley.

Frost is very proud to say that they are farmers first and wine makers second. As they constructed their winery in order for them to farm the way they want to and not be tied to the demands of other wineries. Even their style of wine making is different than what you would see from a Napa County winery. He says that their style is more of a commodity.

Frost and his wife Shannon live in Potter Valley and are currently in the design stage of building a new home on their 30 acre slice of heaven where they have hopes of starting a family in the not too distant future. Shannon and Frost met while they were members of San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau after she had completed her education with a degree from Colorado State University. They both are now dedicated members of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau, with Frost serving as a board member since graduating from college some 6 years ago and currently serving as our 1st Vice President.

As incoming president of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau, Frost has some important priorities such as: keeping the Farm Supply a viable business for the farming and ranching community, as well as, maintaining and strengthening our Farm Bureau membership in a time where there are fewer farmers and ranchers. Frost will be a great president, working side by side with our Executive Director Devon Jones and our Administrative Assistant Sharon Hurt. We are truly blessed to have two wonderful employees who oversee the daily operations of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau and the knowledge and experience of Frost Pauli in the leadership role as our new president.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Mendocino County Farm Bureau President these past three years!

My best, Michael Braught.